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How many Letters in the Pictoword game?

I started playing Pictoword back when it was first released in 2014, and during that initial release the levels were so much easier to go through, I could decode the word for the pictures in most levels without a blink of an eye.

Pictoword answersAlthough I did enjoy playing Pictoword on my IPOD back then, the levels were just too layman as I literally swiped levels after levels and guessing the write answers. After a bout 2 weeks or on and off playing the game, I decided to head over the itunes store to leave a review comment, I mentioned about how easy most words were to guess, most words were either 4 letter words or 5 letters after it seemed that the creators of this awesome game saw my comment that after a little bit more than a month, the version 2 update came, and boy it was an awesome update which was well appreciated.

Instead of the usual 4 letters and 5 letters, the game creator guys added more new words and new levels which this time introduced more difficult questions the higher you go.

Pictoword answers website quickly inputting my answers into the game, and before I knew what was going on I finished the game… all levels of the game. 

The better option to buy – 2016 honda crv or 2015 Honda CR-V?

2016 honda crvIt is not long before the 2015 Honda CRV came into the market; and the company has already announced about the launch of the next model. For consumers, who has not yet purchased the 2015 CR –V model, but were considering the car to take a decision soon, it has turned out to be really perplexing to decide if they should buy the current model or wait for the 2016 honda crv version. Here is a discussion on this very topic which can help these buyers to make their final call.

The Honda CRV 2015 SUV is a powerful vehicle that has delivered as promised since its launch. It is obviously a dependable option that any buyer can opt for. However, the latest model is surely going to be something more than the older version. 2016 honda crv has a fresh look and a changed front and rear design, which adds extensively to its overall appearance. Apart from the exterior the car is also built from better quality material which makes it more resistant from damages during accidents. 2016 CRV will also come with better quality front and rear suspensions which will make the overall driving and riding experience more comfortable. The new model uses better insulation technology and is 7 quitter than the 2015 model.

2016 honda crv does not score anything extra than its previous counterpart. So, for you if the engine of a car is all that matters, you really need not to wait for the launch of the latest version; but if you are one who takes into account every aspect of a car before spending on it, waiting for the 2016 model is surely a wise choice. 

How Hardware Industries Are Making Best Ultrawide Monitors ?

best ultrawide monitorsThere are many hardware industries operating in all over the world and some of the people will have difficulties to understand their features and specifications out of it. With the help of internet and online experts, we can able to understand the different factors that are present within the particular hardware. We need to know which technical aspect would be able to provide better outcomes from the particular hardware devices. We need to concentrate in that technical thing in order to make the wise selection out of it. The ultrawide219 monitors are popular in the market and people are showing more interest to get this type of screens. Some of the people are also showing importance to other technical aspects in the screen as well. The Samsung curved ultrawide is making good display to the people and this would be considered as best ultrawide monitors in the market at all times. It is making the resolution effect as 3440×1440 pixels and this has also made that video games are more popular in the market at all times. This would also make window to display three different screens at all times based on needs and requirements for the usage. The screen is well suited for video games and other online gaming as well.

Companies Manufacturing Such Screens

The Dell is providing ultrasharp kinds of monitor which would make the high standards of ultrawide screen such that to make the high standards out of it. The quality of the screen is also higher than other monitors. However, the resolution of the monitor is lesser than some of the screens available in the market. It is providing 7301 contrast ratio which would help people to obtain better and good quality of images in the screen at most of the times. Another important manufacturer is LG and they are also providing better screens.

Making Memories in the Kitchen: Creating Dishes That Everyone Will Love

Your kitchen can be a sanctuary of sorts, and when you’re the loving-type that’s always willing to cook a meal or two, it’s going to lead to a few wonderful memories (or it should, at least). We all have certain routines that we go through when we’re cooking, and most of us wouldn’t want to take away from those traditions. You might even have a grand-parent or two that thrive when they’re in the kitchen, so it only makes sense that you have the best tools available. Making memories in the kitchen can mean a lot more than creating a delicious dish, it can mean that you’re bonding with people and building a relationship that will last as long as you let it. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a day of cooking with your spouse of siblings, or maybe even with your kids, you need to keep the entire event positive. Not only that, but you’ve got to be as safe as possible! You don’t want to end up losing a finger or two, do you?!

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I cook a lot with my parents, mainly because I love visiting them at their house. It’s always a good idea to sit down and relax, as well as have a family meal. I get to enjoy some of the food that I grew up eating, and I also get to catch up with the people who raised me – it’s almost like killing two birds with one stone. This article will look at how you can create a safe environment in your kitchen, as well as talk about some of the tools you’ll need to effectively cook. If you don’t have the right knives and other accessories, you’re going to have a much harder time coming up with proper recipes. Half of the fun is experimenting and coming up with recipes, then sharing what you’ve made with one another.

The Equipment

The stuff that helps you cook will say a lot about your kitchen; this applies to every single accessory you could think of. That’s right, it even applies to stuff like the kind of pots or pans you’re making use of.. Before you can start building up those beautiful memories, you’ll have to make sure that you have the right tools for the job. Head out to your local super-store (like a Wal-Mart, or Costco) and check out their kitchenware section, you’ll find some pretty reasonably priced pots and pans for sale on there. That isn’t the only thing you’ll need, as spatulas and anything that could relate itself to that group of tools is needed as well. I would also suggest that you get something like a KitchenAid KSM1APC – as this can do many different things for you. Spiralizers tend to help manage several jobs within the kitchen, meaning it’s an all-in-one tool that will allow you to cook without any distractions.

You’ll need a reliable stove as well. Stoves come in many different shapes and sizes, and the one you make use of is just going to be decided by your preferences. You may prefer to have something that’s actually going to sport more than four stove-tops at once, or maybe even a stove that also has a few other neat features added to it. It’s 2015, so the amount of selection you’ll have is pretty intriguing. Ovens come in many different model-types as well, so you’ll need to look around the market slightly before you purchase one.

Why Is It So Important?

This is a question I get a lot, as many of my readers don’t understand what it means to be in the kitchen with your loved ones. You’re creating art in a sense, you’re cooking food that everybody in the household is going to taking part in (when it comes to eating, obviously!). I know for a fact I’m not the only person who holds his family in high regard; I have a large number of friends who do the exact same thing as me. It’s also important for anyone who might be an aspiring chef, as it will open your eyes up to many different flavours (some of which you will have never even tasted before).

How Do I Find Time?

Finding time is hard, but it’s a lot tougher if you aren’t willing to do so. You don’t need to watch television every waking moment of the day, and you don’t need to head out and grab junk food from those fast food restaurants. If you want to enjoy a home-cooked meal, it’s going to take some time; so shave a little bit off of your extra-curricular activities. Let’s say you head over to Starbucks for a coffee, after work – is that really necessary? The drive itself could take 20 or so minutes, and then waiting for the coffee to be made is only going to cost you more time. Make the coffee yourself at home and use the spare time to your advantage. Some other things you can do would be:

  • Keep a watch handy when you’re out of the house – it will help you keep track of time more efficiently! Cell phones have the time as well, but we tend to overlook that when we check our text messages and social media feeds
  • Prepare before you leave in the morning – gather some ingredients that don’t need to be cooked (or in many cases, need to be thawed) and set them out for when you get home; your work station will already be ready for you when you arrive
  • Ask for some help from the family – your family is there to help you out, and if you want to create memories in the kitchen with them, ask for a helping hand wherever applicable

You have it in you, I have faith in every single one of my readers right now! It’s a great experience to say the least, so go ahead and create some fantastic moments with your loved ones (in the kitchen!).

Why Snow Goose Hunting in Missouri Is So Popular

If youre an avid waterfowl hunter and have been chomping at the bit to experience a Missouri snow goose hunt first hand, then youre in excellent company. Here are just a few of the reasons why Missouri has quickly become the destination to beat for hunters everywhere.

Plenty of Birds

Vertical Jump DevelopmentSometimes a hunting trip can be hit or miss thanks to limited access to enough actual game or birds. However, this is far from the case when you visit Missouri with snow geese on your mind. The midcontinental snow goose population is actually one of the largest populations of migratory birds in the entire world. Scientists and environmental experts estimate their numbers to be somewhere between 28 million and their path takes them right through Missouri hunting grounds over February and March, so your chances of having a productive hunt are incredibly high.

Challenging, Varied Terrain

If youre a seasoned hunter, then it goes without saying that challenging, interesting terrain is an essential part of any new experience. Missouri features a variety of different terrain options to explore including rice fields, corn fields, and gently rolling plains. Each individual location comes complete with its own unique obstacles and the additional challenge of limited cover. Snow geese are among the most challenging and rewarding birds to hunt in all of North America as well.

Fantastic Guided Tours

When youre new to a particular location or hunting experience, its an excellent idea to have a guide at your disposal to ensure you get the most out of it right from the beginning. Missouri offers waterfowl hunters of all experience levels access to seasoned experts that know snow goose hunting inside out. Successfully navigate the very best in snow goose hunting Missouri habitats and learn what really goes into a successful hunt first hand! 

TV Wall Mount Reviews – Tips To Choose A Flat Panel TV Wall Mount:

Vertical Jump DevelopmentIt is true that selection of the right flat panel TV wall mount can be the hard decision to arrive at. The reason for this is that there are different sizes and different brands available to choose from. In addition, you will find from the TV wall mount reviews that different models are made out of different materials. It can be very confusing to decide on the right mount for your new flat TV. Let us explore the three fundamental types of mounts available, so that you can arrive at the right decision

Fullmotion or articulating mounts

As the name of this type clearly denotes, this type of mount can be completely articulated. This type of mount will have a swing arm that will allow you to move the television either towards or away from the wall. You can  tilt it up or down and also move it from sidetoside too. The benefit associated with this type is that it will always give you a perfect viewing angle and you can choose different places in your living room to watch TV and avoid the suns glare.  When you decide on this type of TV wall mount, you should make sure that your audio and video cables are long enough to reach your television set.

The thing to remember about this type of wall mount is that you will find that it is more expensive then low profile or fixed mounts. In conclusion, this model will be the ideal choice for corners and hard to reach areas. Its also worth it to note, that it’s harder to install than the fixed mounts.

Lowprofile or fixed mounts

This can be the ideal choice, when you want your television set to be as close as possible to the wall. Unlike the previous type, this type of mount will not have the swivel feature. It will not tilt like the full motion TV wall mount. But, this type of low profile mount can be the least expensive option. The problem with this model is that the cable connections are on the back of your TV are harder to access because the fixed mounts are so close to the wall.

A couple of good points  to remember about this model is that it will be easy to install, compared to the full motion model and it will be more affordable.

Tilting mounts

This type of TV wall mount will permit easy horizontal movement of your flat screen TV. This can be the ideal choice if you wish to install your TV in a position higher than the normal height. For instance, if you are planning to install your television above your fire place, you can choose the best  model, after reading TV wall mount reviews. How much this mount will tilt will vary according to the brand you choose.

This type is also easier to install and its available in the midrange price between fixed and articulating wall mounts. Most tilting wall mounts will not t adjust horizontally.  Instead, they typically move in a vertical motion. But, make sure to read TV wall mount reviews before choosing any model. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A LAN Messenger Within A Large Company?

When operating large companies, communicating with all the employees can become more and more difficult. So, instead of conducting common meetings frequently or running across the building, many companies use an instant messenger. However, business competitors or criminals can hack instant messaging programs and intercept sensitive information. Moreover, spyware and viruses can also be transferred through an instant messenger, which may compromise business projects.

Vertical Jump DevelopmentFortunately, most companies have a LAN, so through corporate LAN messaging solution, it can become possible to send messages over network more effectively, in zero time and securely.

Secure Messaging Within The Local Network

There are plenty of messaging services and software programs available today. In the case of most such products, a central server is used to coordinate communications. However, since the location of the server is often outside of a companys network, a significant threat is posed. Fortunately, most LAN messengers support modern secure protocol, so when having a LAN chat, all information always remains within the local network. A LAN messenger encrypts all communication that is transmitted, so it becomes impossible to intercept the messages.

Messaging Without An Internet Connection

To be able to use most commercial messenger programs, Internet access is needed to form a connection with their authorization server. Not only is a security threat created in the network, but any Internet connection failure can lead to the unavailability of the entire service. On the other hand, a LAN messenger does not have to connect to the Internet in order to send messages over network, and no IP address is required. Instead, it keeps all communication within the local area network, which is a secured Intranet environment.

Multiple Modes Of Operation

LAN messengers can often be operated with and without a server. In the server mode, the LAN messengers optional server component is installed on a dedicated server in the network. Consequently, all communication, even offline messaging, is handled by this component, and since it controls user authorization, more security is also provided. However, LAN messengers can also be operated without a dedicated messaging server, without any hassles, in which case users are automatically detected on the corporate network.

Immediate Group Messaging Between Employees

If an urgent group meeting needs to be conducted, LAN messengers also make it possible to have a group LAN chat in order to send such messages to employees without any delay. Simply the desired group of employees has to be selected and the message has to be typed, after which it is immediately delivered to all of them.

Group Discussions & Meetings Within The Local Network

The higher ups in a company often have a quick question or a small question but are not able to find someone to solve in a timely manner. With a LAN messenger, questions can be asked to a group of employees. Group broadcasting and chats are supported by a LAN messenger, so the entire group is allowed to discuss things in real time.


LAN messengers may look just like any wellknown messenger, but they are far more effective, quick and secure to send messages over network. This also means that there is barely any learning curve when it comes to using such a messenger within a company to have a LAN chat.

Clash of Clans – the Game

Vertical Jump DevelopmentThe clash of clans game is trending now a day. It is one of the most popular games for android and IOS mobile phone. It is an online game which is multiplayer game. In this game players can build their troops, villages, building, can also attack other players in order to earn more gold and elixir which can be used to build their community, even build up defences which can protect from the attack of other players. The game is all about achieving more and more of trophies and ranking. As you keep attacking the players and safe your village or community and keep them growing you will earn trophies which will help you to keep moving ahead an even you are ranked and compared to the other competitors close or above you.

It is an interesting game if you know how to play it. Your only goal is to keep moving at the top which is called as the champion class. To get at the top one need to spend time and money to improve your village, get the best soldiers who can attack when required and need the suitable strategy to know about both to protect and to attack.

The third currency to build up

This game also includes the third currency which is gem. If you are out of the gold coins or elixir currency one can use gem to build the building, the creation of troops and the rate of which elixir and gold coins can be produced. By completing the objectives of game you can earn many more gems. In the start you are given 100 gems only. Patients can save your gems in the clash of clans.

The best way to play

It is totally one the person whether he wants to save the resources or attack the other players. Play it in a right way and you will enjoy the game. One should make sure that all their resources are completely upgraded. First build up all your building and town hall then concentrate one resources filling. If you want to defense you should fill up first the town hall then any walls and then the structures of defensive. If you play in an order wise you will be safe and organized. It is best played on the larger screen. Once you start playing the game you will definitely start playing it with great interest. Whenever you get free or few couple of minutes you will play this game.